How Yoga Helped Me Become a Better Climber

Plateauing is an inevitable part of any athlete’s journey. It frustrates, demoralizes, and can lead to serious self-esteem issues, especially when it lasts for an extended period of time.  My climbing plateau lasted five years.  Anyone who has been through this process knows the drill: you look at the obvious areas of weakness and then attempt to […]

What if the key is yoga?

As athletes we’re constantly looking for ways to take our performance to the next level. Many of us spend hours scouring the internet looking at different training protocols, nutrition tips, and other tools that will help us break through our plateau and “elevate our edge.”  It’s a constant battle that can leave us feeling like […]

The “Flow” State – can you find yours?

I’d heard of “Flow State” long ago and was re-introduced to the term and this very powerful notion recently. Turns out there is a huge volume of literature written on it, and the term was proffered by a psychologist in 1975. Flow is basically a state of mind where we become completely immersed in whatever […]


HOW LONG TO STRETCH? RESEARCH SAYS…? Results of long term studies with healthy humans have shown that after 6 weeks, those who stretch thirty seconds per muscle every day were able to increase their mobility more than the people that stretched fifteen seconds or less per muscle per day. Changes in mobility amongst those that stretched […]