JANUARY 3, 2023

Simple start to the year with the question “How do I be more present in this moment?”. How does the yoga principle of “self-study” stay ever present in your practice on the mat to bring more mindfulness and engagement off the mat? A mostly on the mat practice, with focus on hips, hamstrings and immune system strengthening. 


JANUARY 10, 2023

Exploration of twisting postures breaking down traditionally held and conventionally practiced alignment principles in twisting from the thoracic spine. We are now exploring letting the pelvis be a big part of the twist and leading with the hip even. You’ll need a few blocks, a blanket and a strap. Lemme know what you think. 


JANUARY 17, 2023

Continuing with our twist theme practice and analysis. Not much anatomy talk – all practice both standing and sitting. 


JANUARY 24, 2023

Another sequence with twists in mind – though we really are more analyzing the shape and space of the pelvic bowl, and then it’s implications in moving in an out of twists. Also reminder of the detox benefits of twisting – for digestion, lymphatic and circulatory systems. And of course we show those hips and hamstrings continued love! xo


JANUARY 31, 2023

A “hybrid” between our January theme (detox, twisting poses and hip/hamstrings) and our February theme (organs, immune system and more hips!). Some fun funky stuff toward end of class with foot variations for triangle after a traditional and non-traditional movement start early in class. Have a bolster, strap and 2 blocks.