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Tune in the Media


“Yoga for Sports Performance: It isn’t what you think” with guest Leslee Trzcinski

ROC Spotlight

The Pre/Post Menopausal Athlete with Guest Leslee Schenk-Trzcinski

ROC Spotlight

Leslee Schenk Trzcinski: Tune In - Athletes need to make their “container” bigger

Talk of the T-Town Podcast

Magazine & Newspaper

Ambassador Feature

ORIGIN Magazine

Pampered Pedaling

Canandaigua Magazine

After the Big Race

Canandaigua Magazine

Getting the Most from Yoga

Bicycling Magazine

Yoga For the Mind – and Muscles

Democrat & Chronicle

Negotiating Peace On the Water

Messenger Post

Canandaigua Resident Caters Yoga to Athletes

Messenger Post

Mind Over Matter

Messenger Post

TV Commercial

Nike TV commercial (and prestigious CLIO award winner) featuring Bo Jackson, Bo Diddley, Leslee + 7-Eleven pro cycling teammates, among other athletes.