Experiential Anatomy – a not to miss deeper dive into the Comprehensive Core. Lecture and on the mat exploration.

Experiential Anatomy – a not to miss deeper dive into the Comprehensive Core. Lecture and on the mat exploration.


Q: Will I be ready and comfortable to teach athletes after this 100 hours of training? 
A: That’s a great question and depends on the individual teacher. The goal of the training is a resounding YES – you will be ready – but again, with customization and nuance for *your* unique approach. This is an add-on to a 200 hr or 300 hr yoga training and not designed as a full stand alone to teach yoga. It is to equip current yoga teachers with the specific needs of the athlete community and to build your business with that great opportunity. The training is designed to give you the breadth and depth needed to have confidence and foundational knowledge. 

Q: I can’t commit to 100 hours, time-wise, in one year (e.g. 2023). Can I spread it across two years? 
A: Absolutely. This program will be focused through 2023, then repeated in 2024, and beyond. You can consider your registration as a “rolling” start and start anytime with any module or with the Part 1 immersion weekend training block. The only pre-requisite for any of the elements is that Part 1 must be taken before Part 2. Registering for the full 100 hours gives you access to the robust training manual and ancillary content; as well as other great benefits listed above.

Q: I may miss some of the in-person training time. Will it be recorded?
A: YES!! Nearly all the 100 hours will be accessible via either livestream and or recording; with amazing content in the form of comprehensive manuals, visual guides, worksheets and more.

Q: I’m super interested in the 100 hour but need to explore a payment plan. How do I do that?
A: One payment plan option is available – to break the price in two; details are listed here. Please contact Leslee, TUNE Yoga, at leslee@tuneyoga.com to review/discuss further.

Q: How would I apply for a partial or full scholarship?
A: Contact Leslee (leslee@tuneyoga.com) to initiate the application process.

Q: Is the marketing and business section generalized or will it give me specific ideas on how to go after building my business targeting athletes?
A: Great question. The marketing and business module is amazing and in addition to proven and solid strategic planning, has very specific tactical recommendations on a wide range of target audiences, where and how to find them, how to connect with them and how to convert them into paying clients and teams. This is a most critical component of the learning and not at all intuitive. 



Q: I just want to study some of the specific topics but not the full 100 hours. Can I do that?
A: Sure! Each section or module is broken apart from the 100 hour.

Q: What if I invest in a module or two and then decide I want to pursue the full 100 hour?
A: That would be awesome and we hope that happens! (It already has!) We will apply your initial investment(s) in the module(s) to the 100 hour pricing and you’ll then realize the bundled savings that the 100 hour affords across all the content.

Q: Please explain the pricing difference between the 100 hour training and the modules.
A: Here is some info on PRICING – note that the pricing difference as follow:



Q: What is your refund policy?
A: Since we start distributing information soon after registration, we hope you understand that there are no refunds once you sign up – *HOWEVER* you CAN transfer it to another person. ALSO, there is and will continue to be SO, SO MANY places to re-apply your “TUNE BUCKS” to other trainings, workshops, mentoring/consulting, 1:1 work, etc.