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Yoga / Mobility for Athlete Biomechanics & Sports Performance 

Date: 01/27/2023 – 
Location: In Person & On Zoom

A training taught by TOP teachers on this subject; designed for yoga teachers, athletes, yoga and movement practitioners, coaches, fitness instructors – ANYONE interested in deeper study of the body and how to optimize sports performance at any level, sport, body type, or background.

In person: [SOLD OUT] Rochester, NY (Townline Studios, 3021 Brighton-Henrietta TL Road)


20 HOURS  

SCHEDULE* (all times below are EST and schedule subject to slight change but mostly as follows): 

  • In January – before the training weekend (2.5 hours)

    • watch a short recorded welcome – “intro to yoga for athletes – it’s not what you think”  
    • practice – do a pre-recorded online yoga class led by TUNE’s Leslee Schenk Trzcinski 
    • complete a short online questionnaire   

  • Friday, 1/27 – 5:30pm to 7:30pm (2 hours) 
  • Saturday, 1/28 – 9am to 6pm with a one-hour lunch break (8 hours) 
  • Sunday, 1/29 – 10am to 5:30pm with a working lunch* and afternoon tea (7.5 hours) 
    (During the working lunch, participants will work on a final project (e.g. write a unique essay (topic area wide open to what interests you) which may include a short yoga for athletes sequence or other focus area depending on your unique use of this content. Feedback will be provided in writing from Leslee (after the weekend training). Question prompts, topic selection, and assistance for this will be provided.

    (*This will be a working lunch session; please bring your own lunch, however some light snacks, chocolate, and drinks will be provided by TUNE for those in person. For the tea break, tea and fruit will be provided by TUNE for those in person.) 


  • How to adapt yoga and stretching and range of motion expectations for athlete bodies 
  • Evidence-based/research-supported recommendations for mobility that emphasize (in this order) alignment and stabilization and healthy range of motion  
  • The importance of – and research supporting – myofascial release techniques 
  • The importance of “sports posture” and the functional hip hinge 
  • Common injuries and critical rules of engagement for getting back in the zone 
  • A brief overview of anatomy, biomechanics, and the imbalances commonly found in athlete bodies 
  • Sensation vs pain and helping athletes deepen their sense of “self-study” 
  • How yoga and breathing techniques enhance sports psychology and focus 
  • How yoga should be “periodized” for different phases of the sports season – in season demands vs off season rebalancing, and how specific sports and positions have inherent challenges to resolve     
  • Partner practice poses to build team (for specific sports)
  • How to creatively work with athletes on the field / court / pool deck / etc. and vary key poses when practicing without props 
  • Briefly touch on elite athlete considerations like pros and competitive, intense training schedules and seasons 

What we won’t have time to get into in this 20 hour training is: 

  • Creating a business approach; targeting athletes, coaches, teams, etc 
  • How to market yourself – where; when (e.g. seasons) 
  • How to be compensated for your teaching and expertise with athletes 
  • Augmenting with grants, partnerships 

These topics can be pursued in follow-up work with TUNE (please inquire about special pricing for this if interested) and also will be part of a subsequent 20+ hour training also in 2023.  


  • A *digital*, four color manual included with registration

    • OR pre-order a *printed, and bound*, four color manual through TUNE for an additional $25; will be shipped to those participating via Zoom 

  • Access to a private Google or Facebook group where you can interact with other participants 
  • A certificate of completion 
  • One follow-up mentorship/”ask me anything” session with Leslee (30 minutes, via Zoom or phone) to be used within three months of the training (a $60 value) 
  • Yoga teachers receive 20 hours of CE credit with Yoga Alliance 

NOTE TO YOGA TEACHERS: In order to continue learning and growing as a teacher, each RYT with Yoga Alliance must complete 75 hours of continuing education every three years, including 45 hours of teaching experience, and 30 hours of yoga training (at least 10 hours which are contact hours and no more than 20 hours which are non-contact hours.) 

This training will give you 20 hours of yoga training:  

  • 16 contact hours 
  • 4 non-contact hours

You’ll simply log into the YA website and enter these hours after you’ve successfully completed the Yoga / Mobility for Athlete Biomechanics and Sports Performance 


  • As an athlete, coach, trainer or therapist, etc.:

    • maybe you want to incorporate some yoga wisdom into your work; this content packed weekend would suit your purpose with no need for a longer, more robust yoga training

  • If you don’t want to teach yoga

    • but looking to learn in-depth knowledge in a specific area, this is a great option and approach 

  • If you are currently a registered yoga teacher:

    • earn YA continuing education credit and significantly enhance your knowledge in a specific area of anatomy and audience focus to expand your teaching and your business 

  • Considering a 200 or 300 yoga teacher training hour in the future?

    • You may be like many who do your training in a reverse order — some smaller hour training modules like this one and then pursue a 200 hour at some point 


Leslee Schenk Trzcinski: TUNE Yoga founder and Yoga for Sports specialist, Leslee’s not your average yogi. A self-described yoga coach with a decorated, Olympic-level athletic history and unique yoga training credentials, her own practice helped her unlock her athletic potential, cope with an aging athlete body, recover from numerous injuries and navigate motherhood, career and life. She equally delivers that success to her athlete clients and yoga teacher trainees; you’ll always get 100%: salty personality and relentless passion, support and encouragement, heart and soul. See full athletic and yoga bio HERE

Lynne Staropoli Boucher: Lynne is a full-time Yoga Teacher/Coach through her project Yoga Revolution. As a life-long athlete and competitive Ultimate Frisbee player, Lynne combined her passions for yoga and sport by becoming nationally trained in Yoga for Athletes. For a decade, Lynne has worked with varsity teams at top colleges and high schools where she collaborates with coaches and trainers to provide powerful experiences of movement, meditation, and connection. In addition to Yoga for Athletes, Lynne specializes in Acro Yoga, Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga, Yoga Service, and Yoga Retreats. See full bio HERE 

Bree-Ana Dukes: Competing as a track & field sprinter and performing as a cheerleader, Bree-Ana understands the drive, discipline and passion behind building athletic strength. But even more importantly, she has always appreciated staying connected to one’s mind and breath, in addition to body. Practicing yoga — as a certified instructor at various Rochester, NY studios, and a forever student — allows her to continually refine this balance. Her teaching combines strength and grace, effort and ease, and she challenges herself and her students with poses that cultivate stability and freedom. Follow her on Instagram HERE


Full tuition: $399 with $299 early bird special expired November 15. EVENT SOLD OUT
Payment in full at time of registration is preferred, however, payment arrangements are available – please don’t hesitate to inquire. 

Refunds can be issued minus a $25 processing fee until January 14. After January 14, your price of the registration will be applied to a future TUNE event and not refunded.  

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