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Women’s Wellness: The Benefits of Yoga for Pelvic Floor Health and Dysfunction

Date: 10/01/2022
Time: 01:00 PM 
– 04:00 PM
Location: In Person and On Zoom

Incredibly common in women in a wide age range from college to post-menopause, dysfunction and overall health of our pelvic floor is rarely discussed until there is an issue. The National Institutes of Health and other renowned research entities have published studies confirming the benefits of the yoga practice on pelvic floor health and ways to treat dysfunction.  

This basin floor of the pelvic is three layers of muscle that support the organs. Research (Dufour, 2018) suggest up to 95% of women with low back pain have some sort of pelvic floor dysfunction (tenderness, weakness, prolapse. WOW – that’s huge.

This workshop will be movement and breath focused with accessible and effective yoga poses and somatic postures that – when done consistently – will help positively impact these incredibly important muscles. We will focus on focusing on breathing methods that enhance respiratory diaphragm excursion and rib expansion can potentially facilitate pelvic floor engagement; both the diaphragm and the pelvic floor engage in sophisticated and coordinated way – with each inhale, the diaphragm and the pelvic floor lower; on the exhale they rise back up, moving the contents of the trunk with them. So interesting. Let’s explore that. 

Research also suggests activation of key hip musculature plays a role in the functional integration of pelvic floor muscle engagement; we will explore how to facilitate the pelvic floor with adductors (inner thighs), gluteus maximus, and the deep hip rotators, while at the same time coordinated with the expansive breath, visualization and awareness of the natural pelvic floor rhythm.

We will also touch on the importance of good posture – AT ALL AGES – to facilitate optimized breath, digestion and organ function which require proper abdominal pressure. 

Workshop is hybrid – with a small group in person (will fill quickly) and also via Zoom. A detailed handout will be distributed – print or electronic depending on in person or Zoom. And a recording of the workshop shared to all participants post-event. 

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