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Winter Series: Q1, ’23 – immune system, hips, spine, digestion, etc!

Date: 02/14/2023 – 
Time: 10:30 AM 
– 11:30 AM
Location: On Zoom

Tuesday mornings, let’s tour and explore specific areas of our great bodies in key pose families.

  • A bundled class package of 8 classes from February through March 28
  • Or drop-in anytime

10:30am to 11:30am EST

Livestream on Zoom with access to recordings page updated each week right after class – reminder sent after.

Zoom link same every week and sent upon registration with occasional reminders.

Perfect for the start of the new year as a gift to self – or someone else!
Each class will have an overarching BREATH component with Leslee’s classic “ANATOMY IN ACTION” breakdown of the what and why we are exploring these specific parts.

Class will be an all-levels accessible, alignment-based practice with these key themes per month:

  • FEBRUARY: Focus is vital body (organ health), the diaphragm muscle for optimized breath (and it’s connection to the psoas hip flexor), with a focus on immune system boosting
  • MARCH: Focus is the spine and low back, plus digestion health, with a focus on the inversion family of poses (arguably the most important family of poses – nothing crazy but some exploration of reversing gravitational pull on the body in various accessible poses and shapes, with variations.)

Perfect for athletes, beginning practitioners, seasoned yogis, and anyone interested in all the things yoga does: greater freedom of movement, better posture, optimized breath efficiency and power, joint health and longevity, physical and mental recovery from sports training and life in general, dynamic balance and more.

Yoga props will be used including blocks, blankets, yoga strap, and chair. Household items can be substituted for traditional yoga props, though the ideal is to have the real stuff (reach out for recommendations if needed).

Zoom link and details sent upon registration. Recording sent after practice each month. Contact Leslee with questions.

Ticket Information

7 Class Package
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