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TUNEd IN: Women’s Wellness from Head to Toe

Date: 07/17/2022
Time: 10:00 AM 
– 05:00 PM
Location: Brighton, NY

A Small, In Person Day of Learning and Exploring

Join me for an in person, small group, all day session that covers great content, community connection, delicious and healthy lunch, and of course, yoga asana. This seminar-style event offers time to immerse ourselves in some interesting and critical wellness topics with new yoga explorations and lots of information sharing.  
Topics include:

  • Yoga biomechanics for the female feet, knees and hips – more and more vulnerable with age and activity. A specific focus on joint health, malalignment implications and the realities of women’s anatomy (e.g. Q angle) and what can cause pain. Let’s continue learning how to sustainably manage or better yet prevent issues long term and stay active for decades.
  • Pelvic floor health reviewed with proven yogic principles practiced; gain deeper understanding of this basin of our abdominal balloon, the support of our vital body organs, and why it’s subject to dysfunction for many reasons, even at a young age
  • GI health – ugh, this is a huge one and oh, so common for women of many ages. Shifts in hormones, coupled with stress and the continued change in our food supply have major implications on our gut health, our digestion, our elimination and how maladies like SIBO, IBS, and so many others curtail our quality of life and vitality. We will discuss common hacks and how bio individuality is a key factor in how YOU solve your issues and feel your absolute best. 
  • Heart health – a critical yet oft not focused on key area of health and wellness. Here we touch on how recent research continues to support the role of yoga for heart heath by reducing stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline which narrow the arteries and increase blood pressure. Yoga also helps lower blood cholesterol and blood glucose levels as well as heart rate. We will reiterate proper breathing and key posture requirements – standing, sitting – for good circulation, diaphragmatic movement and optimized longevity.
  • Visualization – the way we describe, think about, talk about pain, sensation, experience can inform the body’s conditioning of that pain. Learning to change the narrative, with simple reframing tools and mantras has dramatic impact on how to get through tough situations; how to manage/reduce/eradicate chronic pain; how to find more groundedness, even clarity. (We will also touch on the importance of mindful eating during lunch.)
  • We will also (briefly) review:
    • fascia and its role in staying healthy and vibrant. Learn how fascia rejuvenation strategies can be incorporated into your yoga and exercise practices
    • skin health (our largest organ) and skin awareness (outer body) even in yoga postures

Day includes:

  • Two innovative, gentle, accessible, anatomy-based yoga explorations (all levels) 
  • Lecture-style review of some topics sitting on our yoga mats
  • Round-table style group discussion at large farm table with comfortable seating
  • Delicious and healthy lunch with various options for vegan, allergy-sensitivities, etc.
  • Water and tea throughout day
  • Afternoon snack (read: chocolate)
  • Community connection with other attendees 
  • Color handout with reference material and key data of the day’s topics
  • A goodie bag with key favored and discussed items to take home, including: Eco(TM) Skin Brush, YogiToes(TM) spacers, sample Ayurvedic herbs for cleansing, orange zest essential oil, TUNE Yoga notebook, etc.

Space is very limited

  • Will fill quickly
  • Small by design
  • Pre-registration required


  • Brighton, NY – The TUNE Yoga Room – clean, bright residential yoga studio recently renovated; Arhaus comfort style dining and lounging area for lunch (Address information and details provided upon registration)

What to Bring:

  • a relatively empty stomach (eat small snack within hour of session start)
  • yoga mat (other props will be provided)
  • socks and pullover (for restorative yoga)
  • an open and inquisitive mind

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