Women’s Wellness: Move Over Menopause; Badasses Coming Through

Date: 02/26/2023
Time: 10:00 AM 
– 05:00 PM

Please don’t miss this workshop if you are a woman coming into (peri) or coming out of (post) menopause. Symptoms can – and changes do – start in early 40s and can continue for a decade or more.

It’s empowering to have knowledge when we feel so out of control – and even out of our bodies.

We will explore a variety of poses – some active, many gentle/restorative, to help ease the symptoms of this transition with knowledge, acceptance and grace. Our time together will reveal how yoga can be – should be – adjusted for this transitional phase.

Let me help bring you some sense of empowerment – and balance. I’ve learned from great teachers, including Senior Iyengar teacher Bobby Clennell and Patricia Walden who have studied directly with both BKS Iyengar and, particularly, Geeta Iyengar focusing on deep therapeutics for women’s health. This is also REALLY informed by my own journey — anecdotes fused with research and science — through peri, meno and post-menopause transitions.

A pose sequence that will include a few poses from the following types of postures, with clear explanation why they are efficacious:

  • Standing poses to cultivate strength, skeletal health, fight sciatica, stiffness, etc. (Peri and menopause we adjust to our needs; post menopause we resharpen the practice with a new sense of our selves.)
  • Seated forward extensions to help keep head and body cool, soothe the nerves, reduce hot flashes, deal with migraines, high blood pressure, irritability and anxiety. This set of poses also help insomnia and restore balance in the endocrine system.
  • Twists for digestive upset, torso stiffness, breath cadence and general tension release
  • Backbends to stimulate the adrenals and estrogen production as well as manage energy levels and feelings of loneliness, emptiness and depression
  • Inversions – the importance of averting a few poses for the body influence the hormones more than any other category (!) by balancing the pituitary, thyroid, adrenal and ovarian glands. Incontinence, loss of confidence and weight gain are touched on. These MUST be a pillar in any practice.
  • Wide legged poses to open the hips and groin region to support health of the pelvic region and reproductive system. We will touch on excessive or prolonged menstrual flow, mobilize stiff legs, knees 
  • Restorative poses – “the soft work is the hard work” said Geeta Iyengar. And this is THE most important of all. You need to rest and rejuvenate, especially if you aren’t sleeping well…(!)

In general we will strengthen the immune system and promote lymphatic drainage around the breast tissue as well as energize the nervous system.


A detailed handout will be emailed prior to the workshop.

In person details and/or Zoom link provided after registration, which includes session recording sent post-workshop.

Healthy lunch served – time for gathering in community and discussion (not lecture) of nutrition and supplementation in how to manage the changes with the permanent reduction of estrogen.

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