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Location: Online, pre-recorded

Teachers: LESLEE (with highlight info from LYNNE on high school/college.)

In person and online.

This is part lecture and part practice and is another cornerstone in how to work effectively with athletes, or be key information to apply to your own body, sport participation and practice. We will:

  • review overused muscles used in specific sports and highlight common issues
  • break down specific sports and how to work with athletes within those sports (and even different team positions in the same sport)
  • look at proven and research-corroborated differences in female vs male injuries and prevention tools
  • study how differences in female vs male physiology (e.g pelvis structure; “Q angle”, hormones, cycles, etc.) can impact strength, alignment, and other factors
  • delve deeply into age considerations and approaches from juniors to super agers (with in depth and amazing information and research on pre/during/post menopausal athletes) and the critical, specific implications that must be understood
  • all within the overarching objective of helping athletes – and those moving with intention – be the best possible in any level or sport or activity

IMPORTANT NOTE: This content is informed by collective decades of working with athletes of all age ranges and a wide variety of sports and positions. Information shared and taught is honed from tried and true methods of gaining compliance in athletes from young through baby boomers and beyond – all through direct experience AND the ongoing study of best practices, research, and exercise science. Additionally, personal anecdote shared by Leslee from her tough experience with pre/post menopause and how to train and manage quality of life during that time is invaluable in her blend of personal anecdote with a deep collection of data, updated research on performance recommendations, expert findings, and insights.

(This is a module of the larger 100-hour Yoga for Athletes Training that you may be interested in! Check out details for that HERE. Pricing per module significantly reduced in the 100 hour bundle, fyi.)


  • A four color manual with written information and images that break down sport specific issues, imbalances, and best practices in both “pre-habbing” preventative approaches and post-injury comeback recommendations addressing the system with strength and mobility approaches
  • A list of commonly seen imbalances and injuries and how to address
  • A grid of age ranges and segments and proven ways to gain compliance and success working with those ages and demographics
  • A breakdown of how female and male athlete bodies can differ in resilience and training imbalances; and an overview of anatomy considerations
  • Yoga Teachers: 10 CE credits for Yoga Alliance; other movement specialists contact Leslee ( to apply for CE credit for your affiliation (e.g. NASM, ACE, etc.)
  • Digital and printed certificate of completion


Leslee Schenk Trzcinski: TUNE Yoga founder and national Yoga for Sports specialist, Leslee’s not your average yogi. A full-time yoga guide and coach for over 15 years, she draws from her decorated, Olympic-level and professional athletic history, her unique yoga and anatomy training credentials, and her own practices that helped her unlock her athletic potential, cope with an aging athlete (menopausal) body, recover from numerous injuries, and navigate motherhood, career and life. She equally delivers decades of success and knowledge to her athlete clients (from Olympians and world champions to weekend winners of all sports and levels) and yoga teacher trainees in her salty, irreverent, humble, and ego-less way. To top it off, she honed world-class marketing and business consulting prowess with years in broadcast journalism, writing articles for national magazines, and as a senior director of marketing and branding firms working with Fortune 100 and start-up Clients. See full bio HERE

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