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Date: 04/23/2023
Time: 01:00 PM 
– 06:00 PM
Location: In Person

Join Leslee Schenk Trzcinski and Lynne Staropoli Boucher.

Location: In person – B3Fit Wellness Center, 25 Circle Street, Rochester, NY 14607

GREAT for yoga teachers working with athletes – or wanting to – or just to add new creative approaches and gain further alignment understanding and implications.
(This is a module of the larger 100-hour Yoga for Athletes Training that you may be interested in! Check out details for that HERE. Pricing per module significantly reduced in the 100 hour bundle, fyi.)

This is an incredibly informative session for yoga teachers, serious students, and athletes as it narrows right into alignment considerations for athlete bodies, shares key pose cueing recommendations (see a few below) and shares great variations of traditional and non-traditional poses.

Our time together will also reveal several GREAT, tried and true practice sequences (from Leslee and Lynne’s combined decades of working with athletes) to use with athletes/yogis in your own sport or your own practice. We will also spend time working in small groups to come up with a few of YOUR OWN creative sequences. This content is targeting athletes but very relevant and applicable to all. With Leslee and Lynne – at B3Fit Wellness Center, Rochester.

A few unique and effective cues that bolster self-study, curiosity, and compliance with athletes or anyone looking to deepen their yoga practice and effectiveness:

“Your pelvis delivers you into your legs. Let’s focus on that area that is your true center of gravity.” 

“Let the legs do the work of the spine; charging up the legs lets the spine be buoyant.”

“Feel it versus constantly working it.”

“Explore how to draw key energy in through your breath. Seize your breath energy.”

“Create the pose shape, not through effort – but actually through relaxing, breathing, focusing.”

“Synthesize the effectiveness of this sequence, one pose at a time. Allow these shifts to happen.”

And so so much more….



  • A four color hand-out with written information and images that outline key pose sequences shared and the rationale behind why they are effective, with athletes / anyone
  • An overview of alignment principles(feet, knees, hips, spine, shoulders), and rationale behind when to use them and when to modify; acknowledging human variation and individuality that ultimately realizes there are no universal cues
  • Yoga Teachers: 10 CE credits for Yoga Alliance; other movement specialists contact Leslee ( to apply for CE credit for your affiliation (e.g. NASM, ACE, etc.)



Leslee Schenk Trzcinski: TUNE Yoga founder and national Yoga for Sports specialist, Leslee’s not your average yogi. A full-time yoga guide and coach for over 15 years, she draws from her decorated, Olympic-level and professional athletic history, her unique yoga and anatomy training credentials, and her own practices that helped her unlock her athletic potential, cope with an aging athlete body, recover from numerous injuries, and navigate motherhood, career and life. She equally delivers decades of success and knowledge to her athlete clients (from Olympians and world champions to weekend winners) and yoga teacher trainees in her salty, irreverent, humble, and ego-less way. To top it off, she honed world-class marketing and business consulting prowess with years in broadcast journalism, writing articles for national magazines, and as a senior director of marketing and branding firms working with Fortune 100 and start-up Clients. See full bio HERE

Lynne Staropoli Boucher: Lynne is a full-time Yoga Teacher/Coach through her project Yoga Revolution. As a life-long athlete and competitive Ultimate Frisbee player, Lynne combined her passions for yoga and sport by becoming nationally trained in Yoga for Athletes. In collaboration with coaches and trainers, Lynne has led over 700+ Team Yoga sessions for varsity collegiate teams in the past decade. Her leadership with college students/athletes has been recognized nationally, reflected in a national award for innovative yoga programming on college campuses, and the opportunity to speak at the White House. She is known to provide unmatched, powerful experiences of movement, meditation, and connection. In addition to Yoga for Athletes, Lynne specializes in Acro Yoga, Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga, Yoga Service, and Yoga Retreats. See full bio HERE 



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