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Athlete Workshop

Date: 04/30/2022
Time: 01:00 PM 
– 03:30 PM
Location: Online Event

Ideal for athletes (runners, walkers, cyclists, ball players, etc.) or anyone looking to improve balance, quality of movement, performance and overall health.

Our feet are our foundation. When the feet are organized, they provide the essential platform for everything “upstream” to be organized….and healthy.

It’s been said that the feet and ankles are considered the “third brain” – the brain brain is first, the gut is second, and the feet/ankles are third. Those lower extremities have to manage the rest of the body above and navigate the earth and poor movement patterns and chronic holding scenarios.

I’ll share insights into helping your feet and ankles – info I’ve learned healing my own issues (bunion, plantar fasciitis, ankle surgery to remove a rare form of bone spur).

There are more nerve endings in the feet than anywhere in the body, and the intricate web of muscles make for a possible painful body part. I’ll cover some basics around anatomy and architecture of the feet, as well as look at yogic (and functional) principles for aligning and balancing the feet, as well as suggestions for addressing common problems – like mine, as well as others like foot cramping, sprained ankles, hammer toes, repeated ankle twisting, etc. I’ll share a sequence for strengthening as well as developing awareness in the feet, spreading and activating the toes, strengthening the arches, improving balance, and supporting the ankles and even knees.

We’ll also learn how to tape the ankle for added stability and support – for everyday tasks and walking to better performance in sports.

All welcome. No yoga experience necessary.

$50 practice fee for 3 hours, plus detailed color handout.

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