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JANUARY 12, 2023

A plank fest of sorts, plus a few other gems – have a mini resistance band AND a yoga strap looped at the ready. Plus foam roller for our last 15 mins if you can stay. 


JANUARY 19, 2023

Three short sets of the same move but each time with progressive resistance or weight. Fun mainstays like single leg Romanian deadlifts, lunge steps, dead bugs and bridges are combined with seated Russian twists, side plank hip lifts and lunge twists. Have fun!


JANUARY 26, 2023

Some new interesting things all on the ground with blocks and also a small loop of the yoga strap (not resistance band) for a focus on glutes, hamstrings and outer hips (all classically weak and tight). 


FEBRUARY 2, 2023

Always keeping things interesting. Adding new moves and progressively adding more weight. Standing and supine positions in lunges, bridges, SLRD, etc. You’ll need your hand weights and resistance band. 


FEBRUARY 9, 2023

Wowza! This one is moving us into more ‘TOTAL BODY’!!! Grab some weights and your yoga strap (in a loop). Let’s GO!



More new shizzzz. STABILIZATION of the pelvis with small moves around it is some of our work today. This is about working a key area that we move from to create more freedom not create more tension. Using lots of stuff – resistance band, two weights, yoga block and a wall!



Recording for class instead of livestream cuz I’m skiing in Colorado this week!! This one is fun – grab a CHAIR and a STRAP!


MARCH 2, 2023

Back at it! Grab a chair and a towel or two, plus a few different weights and foam roller for the last cherry on top. Let’s go!


MARCH 9, 2023

Some old favorites re-emerging into our routine like Anchor Bridge and Tap Backs with the band. Other newer moves like Split Leg Lunges with the weights, and other fun funky stuff. Grab a few yoga blocks or small stool, some weights of varying intensity, your resistance bands (loops) and foam roller/tennis ball if you can stay for the last 15 mins of myofascial release too!


MARCH 16, 2023

After a good warm-up, single leg Romanian deadlifts (SLRD) in four new varieties! Plus another great new move….You’ll need a chair or stool, weights of varying size, and a resistance band loop. Yowza, let’s go.


MARCH 23, 2023

Let’s get at it – weights, bands, bodyweight. Have a chair to do a few things with. Some half Turkish Getups, some other fun…!


MARCH 30, 2023

Back to a little ole school body weight work for the majority of class. But have weights close if ya wanna. And a chair. Get going….



Overview: Grab a (yoga) strap and let’s do some extended floor work first isometrically toning hips and shoulders. Then standing glute work and a little dynamic balance.


Overview: Always something new. This week we use a yoga bolster or couch cushion (or 2 bed pillows rolled into one pillowcase) for our core work. Unique exploration of the front body opens class, then standing to explore dynamic balance. Have fun with it. https://zoom.us/rec/play/_Ttub6jixC05HKYO6wxfj57VRqe-0vmD9_ZEj49wZMZZiKMJkxfDbwkZfgGozhw8upa0pbHQ2U2OrjDM.n5Vw_Dmbv5G7qPxS?autoplay=true

OVERVIEW: This week our loose focus is: ANTI-EXTENSION and ANTI-ROTATION in key moves.  We do some extension (on our belly in locust pose variations) and some rotation ( warm-up moves and proposal lunge).  The key especially in our standing sequence is FORM – maintaining anchor stability in the pelvis and the core cylinder – for “butt kicks” (hello, glute med!), single leg Romanian deadlifts and woodchoppers. Have fun.


OVERVIEW: This week we use one yoga block for all our moves! It’s a great tool and we do some new and unique moves in this one from on the back to the belly to bird dog variation to standing and back to the floor! Grab a block and let’s GO!