JANUARY 5, 2023

HYN! Grab your mini resistance band loops and let’s GO! Supine and standing, glutes galore. Have fun. 

(NOTE: so so sorry; the audio is garbled…no, you aren’t under water for this class. It’s still doable to follow the video; will be resolved next class. Again, sowwwwy.)


JANUARY 12, 2023

A plank fest of sorts, plus a few other gems – have a mini resistance band AND a yoga strap looped at the ready. Plus foam roller for our last 15 mins if you can stay. 


JANUARY 19, 2023

Three short sets of the same move but each time with progressive resistance or weight. Fun mainstays like single leg Romanian deadlifts, lunge steps, dead bugs and bridges are combined with seated Russian twists, side plank hip lifts and lunge twists. Have fun!


JANUARY 26, 2023

Some new interesting things all on the ground with blocks and also a small loop of the yoga strap (not resistance band) for a focus on glutes, hamstrings and outer hips (all classically weak and tight). 



FEBRUARY 2, 2023

Always keeping things interesting. Adding new moves and progressively adding more weight. Standing and supine positions in lunges, bridges, SLRD, etc. You’ll need your hand weights and resistance band.