Whether in person or online, you’ll have the alignment yoga and functional movement classes you need, when and how you need them. 

Choose Your Adventure

Livestream interactive classes via Zoom. Live coaching from Leslee right in the comfort of your own home.

Searchable library of pre-recorded classes you can access from anywhere. Full-length classes and short “yoga snacks” practices. From foundational skills for new yogis to deeper refinement, challenge and anatomy lecturing for seasoned practitioners and teachers. 

Athlete programs are available online as well as via 1:1 with Leslee. Designed for the serious athlete as well as the weekend warrior, these programs will elevate your edge at any age and in any sport.

No two bodies are alike. And no two yogis are alike. That’s why at TUNE, yoga is about way more than aesthetics. It’s about individual functionality, therapeutics, human performance and authenticity. A yoga practice should be prescriptive and catered to your needs.