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Sequences: Good Morning!

  YOUR GOOD MORNING “SNACK” SEQUENCE Adjust for comfort > breathe > focus > enjoy. CAT / COW or SPINAL WAVES From hands + knees, pause in tabletop for a moment to establish base CAT: tailbone curling under, low belly active, elbows straight, push back up  COW: reverse direction lift tailbone, contract back, then lift […]

Anatomy in Action: Why You Should Tape Your Ankles

WHY TAPING THE ANKLES IS A HUGE BENEFIT. THE HIPS – AND BODY – CAN MIRROR THE FEET; ALIGNMENT FROM THE GROUND UP by: Dr. Matt Driscoll (Driscoll Chiropractic) “You’re taping my ankles for my back pain??” This type of question is common coming from our athletes as I am wrapping a piece of tape […]

Fluid Movement: Awakening the Oh-So-Important Psoas

[This is a PART 2 post. Check out PART 1 blog on the psoas HERE.] Tight hips? Back pain? Want to run faster? Need more power on the bike or in your sport? Are you aware of compensation patterns? Let’s dive a little deeper into the important and popular topic of the psoas (“so-as”). Some […]

Why Alignment Yoga – Iyengar-Inspired – Is for Athletes, Everyone

The practice of asana and pranayama not only de-stress you, but energize and invigorate the nerves and the mind in order to handle the stress that comes from the caprices of life. ~B.K.S. Iyengar, Light on Life   WHY DO I LOVE (AND TEACH) ALIGNMENT YOGA??? I’m pedantic about how great it is to impact movement […]

5 ‘Go To’ Poses for Active People!

This is “commercial break yoga” – short, dedicated spurts of movement and breathing…! Perfect for athletes or anyone seeking great performance and freedom of movement. No excuses. Breathe mindfully. Focus and stay present. Do in this order. Listen to your body – stretch to resistance but never pain. Smile. Repeat. And, explore my classes, workshops, group training and private […]

What is “yoga for athletes”

With pro teams across all sports increasingly adding weekly yoga sessions to their training, the evidence speaks for itself — range of motion, mobility, and rebalancing are critical for athletes and those athletic. Shattering a preconceived notion that yoga is for thin, fit, flexible women, athletes of all ages, shapes and sizes — and even their […]

get the most out of your mobility practice; apply it to the bike

GET THE MOST OUT OF EACH YOGA MOBILITY MOVE, and HOW THAT TRANSLATES TO GOOD FORM ON THE BIKE (principles that apply to any sport). Whether you are a time-starved cyclist trying to optimize performance, a dedicated yoga practitioner, or somewhere in between, the following tips are GREAT reminders how to improve EVERY yoga/mobility move. 1. […]

a yoga practice for menopause symptom relief

YOGA FOR MENOPAUSE SYMPTOMS, PART 1. This is a gentle, 20-30 minute, “meno-pro” yoga practice great for relieving symptoms, aiding in stress reduction, sleep induction and overall good health and mood elevation. [Join a TUNE class or workshop to further your practice or learn more specifically about how to manage your menopause symptoms. Details here.] […]

psoas, say what?!

Ah, the PSOAS (“so-as”.) Some have heard the name; some just know it as a primary hip flexor. This is an extremely important focal point for athletes or anyone desiring balance, alignment and pain free movement and optimal performance. Structurally, the psoas holds the spine up on top of the pelvis (with help from the […]

gluteus medius madness

    This “design flaw” in humans must be specifically targeted and strengthened; only certain movements will do the trick. The gluteus medius is the #1 hidden factor in most injuries. It sits under the gluteus maximus and attaches at the top of the pelvic rim. We are pervasively weak in this middle sized glute muscle […]