Athlete Programs

From one athlete to another, let Leslee share her wealth of knowledge from her own very successful sports career (see about). Bolstering her personal athletic experience, Leslee’s yoga, mobility and strength training, her studies in anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, and her decade and a half working with hundreds of athletes combine for a powerful result to YOUR performance. Any age, any sport, any level. Elevate your edge quickly. Did you know, a regular mobility practice can…

  • Dramatically reduce injuries, recovery times and help you focus, sleep and compete better.
  • Improve range of motion to give you more power and precision in your movements.
  • Help reimagine your potential and elevate performance in the wake of injuries, so you come out stronger, smarter, more focused and aware of your body’s needs.
  • Overcome plateaus to become stronger in ways you never dreamed possible.
  • Help aging athletes improve joint health, muscle function, breath capacity and ability to recover after exercise.
  • Help pre- or post-menopausal athletes lean in to the changes in their bodies rather than denying them—with the tools for empowerment to continue to grow and expand.

Ways to Engage

A filter for athletes; short and long format practices.

Dive deeper; the more you know, the better you perform.

Personalized attention moves the power meter higher, faster.

Yoga for Athletes series is a must-read.

See what other athletes are saying.

Yes, Leslee was in one!