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Join me (Leslee Schenk Trzcinski), a former pro cyclist, US National cycling team member, and winner of two world championship medals, Coors International Classic stage wins, Colorado Athlete of the Year,  among many other distinctions. I am now a certified USA Cycling coach and yoga instructor and work closely with national coaches and riders as well as entry level riders to improve their performance.

world silver medalusac camp photoCoors Classic hill climb

Women, ranged from new riders to experienced, are grouped according to comfort and skill level and participate in interactive sessions appropriate to your needs.

– Two sessions (best results from attending both sessions)
– Saturday, August 23 and Sunday, August 24
– Noon to 4pm each day.
– Event *CHECK IN 11:30am*
– Canandaigua, NY location
– $60 per session or $100 to attend both days (pre-register and pre-pay required)
– You will complete an intake form and sign a standard waiver/release
– Helmet, eyewear, bike in good working order, clip-in shoes recommended by not req’d
– Space is limited and clinic will fill, so reserve your spot
– Pre-registration with pre-payment required
Register here – payment via PayPal, CC or check (payment instructions bottom of page)
Contact me with questions

OSMO product samples and water bottles will be distributed


– Saturday Focus Areas
approx 15-25 total miles of riding – this is not a training camp, but rather a skill camp
– Posture and form on the bike
bike man - good form in stick figure
– Cadence (and smooth pedal stroke drills)
– Shifting (this is important for ALL levels)
– Cornering (it is not intuitive)
– Climbing session 1 (form, ease, in + out of saddle position)
– Descending session 1 (the how and why)
(depending on the groups, part of this day may be dedicated to learning how to clip in and out of clipless pedals if we have some riders needing to make that upgrade – we can help!)

– Sunday Focus Areas 
approx 15-25 total miles of riding – this is not a training camp, but rather a skill camp
– Practice riding in a group
– Paceline (TBD depending on the group skill level)
– How to ride faster – interval examples and experimentation
– Climbing session 2 (how to tackle hills more effectively; hill repeats for training)
– Stretches for cyclists (a few key ones to keep you injury free; done at the bike)
– Nutrition (for training and events)

devo camp LT 2cyclofemme pre-ride stretchcyclists - supa pada

Leslee as the main ride leader. If we break into groups, I will still oversee both groups with experienced assistance as needed for solid individual attention. No one is left behind. SAG support available for both days.

Depending on those registered, we may break into 2 groups:
(1) Beginner to Intermediate – ideally you have ridden approx 15-20 miles (even if a challenging ride). Riders should be able to ride in traffic (although often they are seeking to improve their confidence in doing so).  Riders should also have ridden at least once with a group, although this is also often an area they wish to improve on. We will focus on improving skills, confidence and make fitness recommendations for riders in a supportive environment where you can safely learn to handle your bike better and understand how to continue to build on this after the clinic.
pre ride with WCR 2WCR great viewsharon sitting up side view
(2) Intermediate to Experienced –  Riders should be able to ride in a group of cyclists on a road with traffic. We will take intermediate riders to the next stage or push more advanced riders.  The philosophy is the same as with all the women’s clinics: a supportive environment, improving skills and make fitness and riding enhancement recommendations, etc. designed to push you to the next level – whatever that is for you.

Outdoor riding is weather contingent. If one day looks better than the other just prior to event, itinerary will change slightly to accommodate indoor activities such as stretching, nutrition, training approaches, as well as indoor riding (interval recommendations and form/posture analysis and overview) with your bike on a trainer (bring your own or loaner available).

Thank you for accommodating a range of skill levels. As a beginner, I was intimidated at first and was afraid that I would hold back the pack or be out of my comfort zone, but forming groups allowed me to get so much out of the time. I felt so much more comfortable on my bike after the clinic! I thought it was great to have the indoor/outdoor sessions because the clinic really covered so much about riding. 

I really became more comfortable and confident on my bike after the clinic. Before the clinic I was very uncomfortable and felt unsteady on my bike and by the end I was riding with no hands! I learned how to use my body on the bike to control it, instead of it controlling me or forcing movements. 

Thanks for explaining things in plain terms and being patient with me as I gained confidence on the bike.

The road time was great – one leg drills, cornering, paceline work – all really useful skills that I can integrate into my cycling on an ongoing basis.

I just did some sprints on the bike, this being the day after your yoga for cyclists workshop. I have increased another, or maybe even two, gears due to my improved posture and breathing. I think that you have extended my cycling career by at least ten years. With years of experience biking, and years of yoga, my eyes were opened.

1. PAYPAL – secure, fast, easy. Go to PayPal.com and then go to “Transfer” in the navigation. Then under Transfer, select “Send someone money” and follow the instructions. The email you will send to is:info@tuneyoga.com  You and I will both get a confirmation from PayPal of the transaction

2. CREDIT CARD – Visa, MC, Amex, Discover. You can call me (585-362-6715) or send the following four things over three separate emails – your credit card number, the exp date, the 3 digit code on back and your zip code.

3. CHECK – payable to TUNE yoga + coaching.
4923 Butler Road
Canandaigua, NY 14424


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  • Barbara Parmeter

    Hi Leslie, I am interested in your clinic but cannot make them this time. Can you please put me on your email list, hopefully next time will work for me.

    • Leslee

      hi, barb! i have added you to my mailing list and do plan to do these in the future and hope you can attend! i also have other cycling related workshops through fall and winter indoors as well and maybe something offered will also be relevant to you. thanks for your interest and enjoy the rest of summer! tailwinds, leslee

  • Mary Hayes

    Hello Leslie,
    I too can’t make it this weekend, but I would like to be added to your email list, perhaps I could make it to your next clinic….thanks

    • Leslee

      hi, mary! i just added you to my tune mailing list and hope you can attend a future event. there will definately be more of them! my best, leslee

  • Sherrie Fletcher

    Good morning Leslee. Can you please tell me what time the cycling clinics will end this weekend? They start both days at 11:30? Where do we meet?
    Hope to make it

    • Leslee

      Hi, Sherrie. The clinic ends at 4pm both days. There is an optional 4pm tire changing session on Saturday also which would put end time between 4:30 and 5. Also the clinic starts at noon but ideally everyone checks in a bit earlier than that as I want to get started right at noon. Hope that helps and that you can come! Best Leslee

      • Leslee

        Oh, and meeting spot is Ononda Park – just down west lake road/county road 16, right on Canandaigua lake.

  • Sheryl

    Hi Leslee,
    I am yet another very, very interested student whose schedule won’t allow participation for these dates. Really look forward to seeing some this clinic offered in the future!

    • Leslee

      Hi Sheryl! I will add you to the mailing list and keep you updated on future events!

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