Why Yoga

It’s a game changer – for athletes or anyone.

Daily comments from pro athletes, sports stars, amateur participants, weekend warriors and others who practice reveal how yoga has elevated their game — on and off the field. Yoga for athletes is more than the latest rage, and for good reason. So much more than stretching, a regular yoga practice promises greater flexibility and range of motion, faster recovery, less injury, sharper mental alertness, greater use of the breath and the gift of real recovery. Even the medical community is now seeing the light recommending the practice frequently.

It’s a life changer for all who practice.

Yoga will:

  • help you stay in your sport – and gain quality of life – for many years to come
  • boost power and mobility simultaneously
  • speed recovery by improving circulation
  • correct imbalances that cause overuse injuries
  • neutralize pain from tight muscles and stiff joints
  • develop true muscle power without excess bulk
  • strengthen the core — the center of it all no matter what sport
  • improve spatial awareness and promote proper alignment
  • accelerate the healing process of existing injuries
  • provide a critical biofeedback tool — listen to your body
  • be 24/7 — practice anytime, anywhere

Most sports have repetitive motions in one direction, leaving certain muscle groups more developed while others forgotten. This results in muscle and joint imbalances leading to overuse injuries. For example, tight hamstrings and hip flexors will cause the body to recruit from other joints putting undue stress on areas that eventually get injured as the body can only compensate so long. Medically speaking, athletes commonly develop overuse injuries involving the hamstrings, hip flexors, illiotibial band (ITB), knees, and shoulders. Misalignment, instability, lack of flexibility, and poor core strength are to blame. Yoga helps alleviate chronic tightness, builds a strong core, aligns the spine and brings balance and greater centering.
    LAX yoga  cyclists - supa pada

And there’s more… proper breathing techniques honed in a regular yoga practice, like TUNE, bring greater mental focus – putting you ‘in the zone.’ While critical to gaining a competitive advantage, breathing practice is often ignored. Breathing techniques learned in yoga teach use of the full breath from the stomach, ribs and chest. The mind and body connection gained transition onto the field for greater endurance, recovery, stamina, and even speed. Off the field you’ll walk tall through better posture and mental confidence, while you’re ‘in the zone’ 24/7.

“There is no way I could have played basketball as long as I did without yoga. My friends and teammates think I made a deal with the devil.  But it was yoga that made my training complete.”- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, NBA’s all-time leading scorer
“Triathlon is an endurance sport, and you have to learn to control your breath; that’s the essence of yoga, too. So, I consciously began using yoga techniques in my training and racing. I think yoga helped reduce the number and severity of injuries I suffered. As preventative medicine, it’s unequaled.” – Top Pro Triathlete, Multiple Ironman Winner

Get in the zone, feel the flow, find an athletic nirvana – yoga offers the physical and mental benefits to complement your training in ways other things can’t touch.

Tune into the details. Tune out the noise. Focus on what’s important for your athletic performance.

The personal bests and smiley thank yous make my day. Now get back to work.

A regular yoga practice is key. Stay healthy, wealthy* and wise with class attendance and an occasional intensive from a workshop. (*relatively speaking)

Nothing makes me happier than fit, healthy athletes. It makes me want to sing a tune. (No, please don’t.)

Right, wrong, indifferent, accurate or misquoted –
the world according
to TUNE.

You are destined to go higher. Ready?

Turn on. Tune in. Make it sing.