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– SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 11am to 2pm
ALL LEVELS WELCOME (yoga newbies too, of course…)

Join Leslee Schenk Trzcinski, US national team and world championship medaling cyclist now yoga / mobility instructor and USA CYCLING certified cycling coach 

“Leslee’s class is a MUST for all cyclists.”
~Todd Scheske, Level 1 USA Cycling Coach, Elite Cyclist/Nat’l and World Championship Medalist

“Thank you for the yoga classes. Your yoga for athletes focus is perfect to counter my tight hamstrings, hip flexors and gain overall balance and focus. I plan to come more often this off-season to aid training and recovery.” Danielle Ohlson, Pro Triathlete

“Thanks so much for the great workshop yesterday, Leslee. I learned so much – little tweaks that I have no doubt will help a lot. Got out for my first outdoor ride this morning – and you were in my head much of the way … “don’t break the toothpicks” “let your light shine” etc. I realized that I’d been holding my head all wrong – and doing a number on my neck. I’m so grateful for you.” Wende Cleary, all-around athlete – triathlete, marathoner

 singletrack academy yoga session

Take Your 2013 Season to the Next Level with Mobility and Strength off and on the Bike  *Back by popular demand*

Learning how to apply core principles of strength in a weak/underutilized core (mainly back and shoulders) and flexibility in the power muscles (quads, glutes, hamstrings) to ensure optimal power, efficiency, endurance and taking your summer 2013 to the next level. This is an extended workshop that spends 2+ hours on the yoga mat, then time on YOUR bike (on trainer – provide your own OR use an indoor cycling bike provided at the studio) that for form analysis, application of the yoga principles we review and how to ensure position is not hindering – but rather propelling – your ascent to the next level.

cycling workshop posture
pictured here with me are Cat 1 cyclists Cory Khuns and Todd Scheske)

$65 includes large 4-color handout for ongoing reference post event plus giveaways and door prize.

Register here to reserve your spot.

MBody Studio on University.

– your bike OR you can use a Keiser indoor spin bike at MBody
– cycling shoes (whatever they are) – if you are using MBody bike they must be SPD cleats
– stationary bike trainer (if bringing your bike)
– comfortable clothes to move from yoga mat to on the bike
– water / a snack maybe (MBody has a great juice bar)
– not a full stomach (eat a full meal more than 2 hrs prior, small snack 1 hour prior)


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  • chris redfield

    is there still space in the Yoga for Cyclists seminar scheduled for October, 2013?

    • Leslee

      hi, chris. yes there is room for the october workshop. please pre-register and pre-pay. payment instructions on this page. let me know if you have questions. look forward to having you. best, leslee

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