The coaching from TUNE is done both on the yoga mat and on the bike. While I am technically a certified yoga “instructor”, I prefer the term yoga “coach” or even “guide” – specializing in MOBILITY for athletes. That speaks better to the objective of using the tangibles and intangibles of yoga to optimize sports performance. In addition, I am a USA Cycling (National Governing Body) certified coach and work with cyclists and triathletes on – and off – the bike.

For both yoga and cycling, individual and personalized attention allows for customized focus on your specific bioindividuality and unique needs. Group/team sessions for teams are effective as well – I do a lot of them and can be geared toward specific events/games, training goals, team building and group solidarity.

I work with cyclists and triathletes on the bike with a variety of goals – ranging from the introduction of core principles such as cadence, form, climbing/descending technique and good nutrition to goal setting, training plans, heart rate and power assessment and more. Whether inspiring brand new riders to gain confidence to get on the bike for the first time and thrive, to seasoned athletes looking to take their performance to a higher level, my work with a range of cyclists and triathletes has been successful and rewarding.

And, all with the important theme of SAFETY* – ensuring new riders understand critical STREET STRATEGIES and experienced riders continue to understand our role and responsibility on the road. Safety also comes in staying healthy through nutrition and injury prevention with yoga, recovery mechanisms and listening to our bodies – training smart on and off the bike.  (*Request my SAFETY manual here.)


Drawing the linkage of yoga and sports performance, I work with a wide range of both recreational and competitive athletes from cyclists, runners, triathletes, skiers, ball players, equestrians, dancers, skaters as well as others seeking the benefits of this transformative practice. Some are regular yoga practitioners and others have never done a yoga pose before.

I work to lengthen overused muscles and strengthen underutilized ones for greater efficiency, balance and endurance, bringing greater awareness to the body and breaking bad postural habits that impact breathing and even confidence. I strive to offer a safe, supportive environment frequented by men, women and youth alike — most who initially asked “why yoga.”

Current and Past Clients:
– Olympic Rowing Champions
– National Rowing Champions
– Hobart William Smith Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Soccer and Basketball Teams
– University of Rochester Football Team
– Honeoye Cross-Country Team (6 seasons) and Coach of the Year
– World Championship Pro Triathletes, International Orienteering Champions
– Professional and Recreational Cyclists and Triathletes

 hobart men LAX doing tune yoga
honeoye team champ pic yoga with HWS women's basketball team
– Several High School district teams: football, men’s and women’s swim team; lacrosse; soccer; track and field
– Moms In Motion
– Singletrack Academy Mountain Bike Squad

To play at a higher level, contact me.

Get in the zone, feel the flow, find an athletic nirvana – yoga offers the physical and mental benefits to complement your training in ways other things can’t touch.

Tune into the details. Tune out the noise. Focus on what’s important for your athletic performance.

The personal bests and smiley thank yous make my day. Now get back to work.

A regular yoga practice is key. Stay healthy, wealthy* and wise with class attendance and an occasional intensive from a workshop. (*relatively speaking)

Nothing makes me happier than fit, healthy athletes. It makes me want to sing a tune. (No, please don’t.)

Right, wrong, indifferent, accurate or misquoted –
the world according
to TUNE.

You are destined to go higher. Ready?

Turn on. Tune in. Make it sing.