loosen those hips and hams

For athletes or those active this summer, it is important to keep two key areas of the body opened, flexible and balanced: a. the hamstrings b. the hip flexors – mainly the psoas For [...]


get the most out of each move

Whether you are a time-starved athlete trying to optimize performance, a dedicated yoga practitioner, or somewhere in between, the following tips are GREAT reminders how to improve EVERY [...]


seeing is being – the science behind visualization

There REALLY IS science behind the inspiring phrases as athletes or those trying to commit to New Year’s resolutions hear:   “visualize your success” or “imagine your [...]


Hip Tightness, Imbalance Test

Here’s an easy way to see if – or how much – your hips are tight, imbalanced or both.  Below is a quick self-assessment. It is not scientific but a great low-tech way to do some [...]


Go to Pose: Breathe Life into the Psoas

Clear some space in the chest, in the hips, in the psoas (huh? – see below), and even the mind…(envision yourself on the beach like this guy…) photo credit: Yoga Journal   [...]


Go to Pose: Kiss the Frog

Much to the (initial) dismay of many of my students, I’ve been teaching the FROG POSE a lot lately. It is a focus pose I teach to cyclists, runners, triathletes coming off a summer of [...]


the power of mantra

The word mantra translates to “instrument of thought” in Sanskrit – and these instruments are a very key element in the athlete’s toolbox. They are extremely effective in [...]


Go to Pose: Hip + IT Band Release

HIP + IT BAND RELEASE  A variation of the popular, and wonderful, pigeon pose. For smooth pedal cadence, fluid running gait and overall health and happiness of the hips, IT band and hamstrings. [...]