seeing is being – the science behind visualization

There REALLY IS science behind the inspiring phrases as athletes or those trying to commit to New Year’s resolutions hear:   “visualize your success” or “imagine your [...]


the power of mantra

The word mantra translates to “instrument of thought” in Sanskrit – and these instruments are a very key element in the athlete’s toolbox. They are extremely effective in [...]


the rolling city

Under cobalt blue skies, the USA Pro Cycling Challenge and Aspen/Snowmass Women’s Pro Stage Race are rocking Colorado, and the entire U.S (no pun intended even though there was an unprecedented [...]


not just pro men in CO; women take aspen!

Leave it to Aspen to resurrect a great event for women, the Aspen/Snowmass Women’s Pro Stage Race, August 22 – 24, running in conjunction with the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. A phenomenal [...]